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Different countries

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Different tastes

in the Russian project


OPEN JAZZ – is an elite music project under the auspices of which performances of world stars of serious music are held in Russia.

OPEN JAZZ project focuses on fusion in its broadest sense and invites only the most outstanding musicians from different countries and continents. This is the internationality of the project and the diversity of tastes of its participants  that gives quite an unusual colouring and special flavor of their concerts. The basic concept of OPEN JAZZ project: different countries, different styles, different tastes in a single project!


The author and the general sponsor of the project is Vladimir Dunin, a famous Russian businessman and fan of jazz, the owner and the President of CJSC Sigma-Gaz Group of Companies.

The producer of the project is Andrey Bazanovs Production Centre, widely known for its successful projects with the leading jazz musicians in the world.

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+7 (812) 938-49-78

The sponsor of the project – CJSC Sigma-Gaz Group of Companies